Even Chargers

3 Stage Even Charger from 24V to 12V, 40 and 60 Amp models available - EC24-12-40 or EC24-12-60

These are special, heavy duty Even Chargers that willd correctly charge your 12V system from your 24V system.

Our Even Chargers are full, 3 stage chargers with switch mode and microprocessor technology. The charger switches on at 27.4V and off at 25.2V. Bulk charging current limit is 40A or 60A (depending on model). Absorption voltage is 14.7V and Float voltage is 13.7V. Absorption mode time is 90 minutes. Bulk charging time-out is 8 hours. New charge sequence is initiated when the 12V battery voltage drops down to 12.6V. Minimum battery voltage to start a new charge sequence is 7.0V. Has full protection against overloads, short circuits, over temperature, reverse polarity and over voltage.

Specifications EC 24-12-40 EC 24-12-60
Price $499 inc. GST $599 inc. GST
Input Voltage 23.0VDC to 30VDC
Output Voltage (Float) 13.7VDC ± 1%
Output Voltage (Bulk/Absorption) 14.7VDC ± 1%
Typical Efficiency Greater than 85%
Bulk Charge Current 40A 60A
Standby Current 20mA
Features Short Circuit Protection Battery Reversal Protection Over Voltage and Thermal Protection
Dimensions (L x W x H) 285 x 175 x 65mm
Weight 2.5kg 2.6kg