MorningStar Solar Controllers

TriStar 60 Amp for 12, 24 or 48 VDC

TriStar 60 Amp controllers are top quality PWM type Solar Controllers.

TriStar controllers are 4 Stage Solar Controllers (BULK - PWM - FLOAT - EQUALISE) with a Nominal System Voltage of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. TriStar controllers have an electronic protection against short circuits, over current, lightning, high temperature and reverse currents at night.

  • Size: 260 x 127 x 71 mm
  • Weight:1.6kg
  • Maximum Wire Size: 35mm2 (2 AWG)
  • Continuous operation at full power up to 45°C before de-rating
  • Optional Meter or Remote Meter available for reading Amp Hours produced, Amps, Volts etc.

Price: $342 inc. GST

Click here for a PDF brochure on the TriStar PWM Type Controllers

Remote Temperature Sensor

MorningStar's Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) provides improved battery charging in solar systems that experience temperature variations during the year The RTS measures the temperature at the battery, and then the controller uses this information to accurately compensate for temperature changes The RTS is compatible with:

  • ProStar
  • TriStar
  • TriStar MPP
  • SunKeeper
  • SunSaver Duo
  • SunSaver MPPT

Corrects for temperatures from -30°C up to +80°C

Price $49 inc. GST

Click here for a PDF brochure on the RTS Remote Temperature Sensor

Metering for TriStar units


Price $132 inc. GST

Weight: 230g
Cable: 0.13m
Dimensions: 127 mm wide x 118 mm high (same size as the existing front panel of TriStar; unscrew the panel, and screw the meter in its place)


Price Call us

Weight: 180g
Cable: 30m
Dimensions: 116 mm x 116 mm (whole panel face)
96 mm wide x 60 mm high x 24 mm deep (componentry)
45 mm wide x 83 mm high (mounting hole spacing measured from centre to centre)

MorningStar's TriStar Meter-2 (TS-M-2) and TriStar Remote Meter-2 (TS-RM-2) are advanced digital meters that can be used with any TriStar solar controller. Identical, except that the TS-M-2 is mounted on the controller, and the TS-RM-2 is flush mounted up to 30 meters away.

2 x 16 character LCD's display extensive system and controller information, logged data, bar graph metering as well as alarms and faults for easy troubleshooting

Information can be displayed in English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish Easy to use with four directional push-buttons for easy navigation of display screens and back-lighting

Meter can be added and removed at any time Compatible with TS-45, TS-60, TS-MPPT-45, TS-MPPT-60

Click here for a PDF brochure on the TS-M-2 and TS-RM-2