TBB Battery Chargers

12 Volt: 12 or 25 or 40 Amp, and 24 Volt: 12 or 20 Amp Models available

The TBB Smart Battery Chargers are designed especially for the various kinds of Lead Acid Battery being used in a variety of applications. Batteries will be permanently damaged by being over charged, or by remaining under charged for any period of time. TBB Smart Battery Chargers will continuously deliver the correct charging in any circumstances. They also offer some very useful battery management features, which can condition your battery to prolong its life expectancy.

  • Has an automatic, 6 step charging algorithm
  • Has recycle charging to activate battery automatically every 14 days in Floating charge with proper control
  • 4 Battery Type options covering Flooded, Freedom, Gel and AGM batteries by dip switches with proper Absorption and Float voltages
  • Has automatic temperature compensation
  • All outputs are being isolated without the need for an extra isolator
  • Special silent design for mobile market
  • PCB coated against salt moisture corrosion
  • Parallel design for recharging and power supply
  • DC power supply function
  • Rated for use in high ambient temperatures
  • Has complete protection against charger over temperature, battery over temperature, short circuits, overloads and reverse polarity. Specially designed electronic protection against reverse polarity eliminating the trouble of replacing the fuse
  • A surge protector designed inside to protect frequent surge on shore power. This is the last chain of protection with limit capacity. A SPD is still required at power distribution box.
TBB1212A-2 TBB1225A-3 TBB1240A-3 TBB2412A-3 TBB2420A-3
$249 inc. GST $429 inc. GST $569 inc. GST $429 inc. GST $569 inc. GST
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 300x188x68 350x188x68 300x188x68 350x188x68
Weight 2.0kg 2.5kg 2.8kg 2.5kg 2.8kg
Enclosure Aluminium with anodised, flame proof plastic
Assembly Wall-mounted
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 V 24 V
Rated DC Output 12 A 25 A 40 A 12 A 20 A
Charge Algorithms Automatic 6(max) steps charging curves
Nominal Input Voltage 185-265 VAC, 50 Hz
BTC Automatically active when temperature sensor plugged in
Power supply mode nominal output voltage 13.5 ± 0.6 27 ± 0.6
Efficiency 0.85
Power Factor 60% 70%
Cooling Forced Cooling
Protection Category IP20
Protection Features
Short Circuit on Output BC shut-down
Reverse Polarity Electronic protection and inside fuse as a backup
Charger Over Temperature Reduce output power while charger in over temperature condition
Battery Over Temperature BC shut-down at a battery temperature of 50°C
Battery Over Voltage Will not start charging if any battery voltage is greater than 15.0VDC (12V) or 30.0VDC (24V).
Will not continue charging if any battery voltage is greater than 16.0VDC (12V) or 32.0VDC (24V).


Remote Controller

Price: $209 inc. GST

The Remote Controller has an LCD display that shows: Output Power %, Cycles, Time until Charged, Charged Ah, Current A, Battery Low Voltage, Charger Over Temp, Battery Over Temp, Battery Over Volt, and Reverse Polarity. Also has LED lights to show when power is on, and if there is a fault Mounting is to be flush to a wall. Comes with a 3m length of RJ-45 cable that simply plugs into the display and the charger for instant operation.

Size (face): 144 x 90 mm
Size (rear componentry): 105 x 74 x 33 mm

Remote Display

Price: $69 inc. GST

The Remote Display shows Power, Charging, Charged, Reverse Polarity via LED lights. Can be mounted flush with a wall or out from a wall. Comes with a 3m length of RJ-45 cable that simply plugs into the display and the charger for instant operation.

Size (face): 110 x 62 mm
Size (rear componentry): 90 x 50 x 32 mm