Sofarsolar Grid Tie Inverter

Sofarsolar 1 Phase String Inverter

Sunny Dog 1.1K - 3KTL

1600TL: $907 inc. GST
2700TL: $1160 inc. GST

Efficiency Curve

Sofarsolar 3 Phase String Inverter

SofarSolar 3 Phase Grid Tie Inverter
3000TLM: $1597 inc. GST
4000TLM: $1758 inc. GST
5000TLM: $1919 inc. GST

Sofarsolar Micro Inverter

SofarSolar Micro Inverter

$495 inc. GST


  • Individual Maximum Power Point Tracking for each PV module. Fast, stable, highly accurate, 99.5% MPPT efficiency.
  • Minimizes impact of shading, dust, and debris. Improves power production by 5-30%.
  • Advanced burst mode in low light conditions ensures that system still generates with high output in low illumination conditions.


  • Simplified PV system design and installation. No Maintenance cost.
  • B/S mode remote monitoring solution - monitor each PV module.
  • Suitable for 60 or 72 cell PV modules.


  • IP65 rated for ingress protection. Filling plastic sealed, weatherproof, dust proof. 25 year warranty.
  • -40 to 65°C ambient operating temperature range.
  • Low DC voltage, HF transformer isolation, reduced fire and electric shock risk.
  • No single point of system failure.