Studer DC-DC Converters

The DC/DC converters type MDCI and MDC are used, depending on the model, to either step up or step down a DC voltage. The MDCI range of converters are electrically isolated.


  • Features and performances
  • High efficiency
  • Low consumption
  • Protection against short-circuit, overheating, over-voltage and reverse polarity
  • Great stability of the output voltage for a more reliable system
MDCI Series
MDC Series
Model Price Power Output Current Input Voltage Output Voltage Isolated
MDC1224-7 Call us 170W 7A 9-18 VDC 24 VDC No
MDC2412-5 $75 inc. GST 65W 5A 18-35 VDC 13.2 VDC No
MDC2412-8 $100 inc. GST 105W 8A 18-35 VDC 13.2 VDC No
MDC2412-12 $115 inc. GST 160W 12A 20-35 VDC 13.2 VDC No
MDC2412-20 $151 inc. GST 275W 20A 20-35 VDC 13.8 VDC No
MDC2412-30 $240 inc. GST 415W 30A 20-35 VDC 13.8 VDC No
MDCI 360 A24 Charger $499 inc. GST 360W 13A 9-18 VDC 27.6 VDC Yes
MDCI 360 24 to 12 Call us 360W 30A / 15A 9-120 VDC 12.5 VDC / 24 VDC Yes