Dometic CRX 140, 136 Litres, Compressor Refrigerator


12V/24V/240V, build in front opening, R/H Reversible


Dometic CRX-1140E, 136-litre compressor refrigerator.  With a modern, stylish exterior, plus well organised and practical interior.  The perfect choice for your caravan, motorhome, yacht or boat.

Cooler Than Ever The Dometic CRX-1140E

The compressor refrigerators in the CoolMatic CRX series are ingenious quick-change artists. Their trick is no secret but a patented Dometic invention. The desired temperature is set on the soft-touch control panel, which is mounted flush in the inner wall and elegantly integrates the LED light. There are intelligent electronics behind it: the system regulates the compressor speed, therefore, achieving energy savings of up to 25%. Small or medium-sized motorhome or boat, single person or a big family – nobody has to go without a Dometic CoolMatic refrigerator

Dometic CRX-1140E Features

  • Two-In-One: The fridges control panel also has an integrated light
  • Separate Storage: separate compartment is ideal for storing fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Organised Storage: The fridge interior contains well-organised shelves

 …And More

    • Generous gross capacity of 136 l
    • Dimensions: 525 x 812 x 620 mm
    • Average power consumption of 65 W
    • Variable Motor Speed Optimisation ensures excellent energy efficiency
    • CFC-free polyurethane foam provides outstanding insulation
    • Fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics
    • Ambient temperature-controlled fan speed to reduce noise


Premium Built-In Refrigerator For Motorhomes, Yachts And Boats

The well-proven Dometic CoolMatic refrigerator series provides outstanding energy-efficient refrigeration for built-in mobile applications. Their operation is reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures. They work economically, quietly and are ideal for running with solar panels. The various models of the CoolMatic series satisfy all mobile fridge requirements. There is a matching refrigerator for every size of vehicle and every situation. With a modern, stylish exterior, plus well organised and practical interior, the Dometic CoolMatic CRX range is the logical choice for your caravan, motorhome, yacht or boat.


Additional information

Weight 30.60 kg
Dimensions 62 × 52.5 × 81.2 cm