UPower Series Inverter/Charger – by Epever


The UPower series is a new type of hybrid inverter/charger combining with solar and utility charging and AC output, which adopts a multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, and has the features of high response speed, high reliability and high industrialisation standard.  It offers four charging modes:

  1. Solar priority
  2. Utility priority
  3. Solar and Utility
  4. Solar

Two output modes for:

  1. Battery
  2. Utility

Meeting the various application demands



Epever Inverter/Charger Upower Series combines solar and utlity charging and AC in one unit. It adopts multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control algorithm to realize intelligent management.  The device is usually used in remote areas where there is a lack of reliable utilities, but rich in sun shine.

UPower is a reliable industrial standard equipment and has quick response speed and excellent high transfer efficiency.  Intelligent adjustment of total charging current from both solar and utliity, automatic adjustment is realised via different working modes selection, to maximise energy supply.  The PV charging module adopts the most up-to-date MPPT tracking technology, it can quickly track the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment, including a multi crest tracking ability.

  • A new type of all-digital intelligent energy storage and management Inverter/charger
  • Andvanced all-digital control technology for AC-DC charging modules
  • With tthe function of Utility & Solar charging ration selection, and total charging current setting.
  • Rich set options
  • Extensive electronic protections
  • MPPT technology, Max. tracking efficiency 99.5%, Max. DC-DC conversion efficiency 98.5%
  • SPWM technology, with high efficiency up to 95%
  • Four charging modes and two output modes
  • RS485 isolated communication interface with standard Modbus protocol
  • Variety of accessories can be selected according to user’s requirements



About Epever

Beijing Epsolar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2007 with more than 30 million RMB registered capital. They are a new and high-tech enterprise which was specialized in power products researching, manufacturing, and marketing.

They provide products including solar charge controllers, off-grid inverter, LED driver and special power units etc., as well as design and supply relevant solar application systems. The company has passed the ISO9001: 2008, and products have passed CGC-SOLAR, CE, ROSH, FCC, and ETL certificate, as well as other domestic and international authoritative certification and a number of patents. The products have been extensively applied and highly appraised in a number of major projects at home and abroad. And sell in more than 120 foreign countries and regions

Additional information

System Battery Voltage

12V, 24V, 48V

Continuous Output Power (W)

800W, 1600W, 2400W, 4000W



certificate and report_UP ROHS TEN ITEMS TEST REPORT R2BJ190201F6072E


certificate and report_UPower EMC Certificate of conformity

certificate and report_UPower EMC Test Report (1)

certificate and report_UPower LVD ATTESTATION OF CONFORMITY SHES181001183401PVC IEC 62109

certificate and report_IEC 62109-1 SHES181001183471

certificate and report_IEC 62109-2 SHES181001183472

certificate and report_IEC 62109 Annex SHES1810011834PV

certificate and report_IEC 62109 LVD SHES181001183401PVC















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