Studer Remote Communication Module Xcom-Can


This tool enables the communication between BMS, Lithium Battery Management Systems, and products of the Xtender / VarioTrack / VarioString family.


Studer Remote Communication Module Xcom-Can, this tool enables the communication between BMS, Lithium Battery Management Systems, and products of the Xtender / VarioTrack / VarioString family. The list of batteries (manufacturers) compatible is available on request at Studer-Innotec. The Xcom-CAN makes it also possible for any device with a CAN bus (PC, PLC and microcontroller) to interact with all products of the Xtender / Vario family via a proprietary protocol. Like having the system controlled by a supervisor (SCADA) while giving the third system an access to all data (configuration parameters and datalog).

About Studer:

Studer Innotec was established in 1987, not as a result of market research, but founded on Rolans Studer’s wish to improve solar systems. Therefore it was natural to focus on the main component of a battery system: the inverter.  Three years later the company was manufacturing its first inverter models, eight years later it started to export them and then gradually opened up to new application areas (mobile applications, backup systems and industrial applications).

Today Studer Innotec provides an extensive product range with over 60 products that assure storage, conversion and management of energy, of which over 95% are exported through our distributor network with over 100 partners worldwide.  The key success factor in maintaining their competitive lead is constant innovation. Through its know-how and experience, Studer Innotec
ensures the renewal of its product range as well as expanding into new applications such as self-consumption systems and mini-grids.  Our company’s vision is the same as at its beginnings: more than a product, we offer innovative solutions to optimise any solar system whatever the application. These solutions are designed and manufactured at the same location, in Sion, Switzerland, as a
result of the close collaboration and interaction with our customers

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Dimensions22.2 × 20 × 8.5 cm