AA Solar Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Batteries

The battery of the future – can also be used as starting batteries

Rare Earth Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Battery. This new technology replaces the previous LiFePO4 design.

At 3.3V per cell, a package of 4 cells can replace a traditional 12V lead acid battery. The bulk charging stage needs to reach 14.6V, which most modern lead acid chargers and solar controllers can be set to accommodate.

Unlike standard lead acid type batteries which have a charge efficiency of 88%, LiFePO4 batteries are over 98% efficient. Their voltage remains almost unchanged down to 80% discharged state. They can be discharged by 50% 3000 times with almost no loss of capacity within the warranty conditions

LiFePO4 batteries are very safe. They won’t leak, and don’t emit explosive gasses. They are ideal for electric vehicles, mobile homes and boats. Their long life also make them superior for house use as well, and their high current capability makes them a superior performer for inverters and high impulse electric motors.

Nominal CapacityAvailable as 40Ah, 60Ah, 100Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, and 400Ah
Operation Voltage4 cells = 13.2V, 8 cells = 26.4V, 16 cells = 52.8V to 70% DOD
Charging VoltageBulk 14.6V, Equalize 15.2V (if needed), Float 13.4-13.8V (for 4 cell 13.2V battery)
Charge CurrentUp to 1CA (CA = Rated Capacity)
Max Discharge CurrentConstant 3CA Impulse 20CA
Standard Charge/Discharge Current0.5CA
Temperature Durability of CaseLess than 200°C
Operating Temperature-45°C~85°C
Self-discharge RateLess than 3% monthly
Efficiency98% – 99%

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AA Champion Lithium Iron Phosphate Range (LiFePO4)

Specifications for 4 cell, 13.2V Battery

CapacityLengthWidthHeight to top of TerminalsWeightPrice
40Ah190mm120mm195mm6.2kg$510 inc. GST
60Ah250mm115mm195mm7.5kgCall us
100Ah145mm258mm235mm13kg$1242 inc. GST
200Ah180mm283mm290mm23.5kg$2467 inc. GST
300Ah220mm363mm328mm39kg$3693 inc. GST
400Ah455mm290mm310mm58.5kg$4888 inc. GST