Votronic Solar Controllers

Votronic MPP165, MPP250, MPP350, MPP430, MPP480 Duo for 12 VDC

The Votronic MPP Duo range are advanced MPPT type Solar Controllers that can charge two different battery banks at once from the same Solar Panel/s.

Ideal for Motorhomes and Boats where you have an engine battery and a house battery. Votronic MPP Duo controllers have an electronic protection against overcharging, overload, overheating and reverse currents at night.

They have 2 battery charging ports for charging 2 separate battery banks simultaneously with one bank being charged fully, and the other receiving a trickle charge.

Ideal for keeping your house batteries at full, and making sure your start battery is full also. Adjustable charging programs to suit flooded acid, Gel and AGM batteries. The MPP165, MPP250, and MPP 350 now come with programs for most types of Lithium Batteries too.

LEDs to indicate the charging state:(Full, >80%, Charging MPPT mode, Low Voltage). Temperature compensation when used with the optional Temperature Sensor.

Note: must be used on a 12V system.

Price$169 inc. GST$220 inc. GST$299 inc. GST$349 inc. GST$310 inc GST
Max. Solar Power165W250W350W430W480W
Max. Solar Voltage50V50V50VTBCTBC
Max. Solar Current10A15A21ATBCTBC
Battery System Voltage12V12V12V12V12V
Max. Charge Current – House Battery12A18A25.5A31.5A18A
Max. Charge Current – Start Battery1A1A1A1A1A
Dimensions131 x 77 x 40mm131 x 77 x 40mm131 x 77 x 40mmTBCTBC

Votronic MPP Accessories

Temperature Sensor (2001)

This temperature sensor is a good extra for your Votronic Controller, as it will allow the unit to compensate for environment temperature variations.

Comes with 2m length cable, which is easy to connect to your controller.

Sensor end has a hole suitable for up to an M8 size screw for mounting.Price: $29 inc. GST

LCD Solar Monitor (1250)

This monitor can display Watts, Amps and Volts, including:

  • Solar Current (A)
  • Battery Voltage (V)
  • Solar Power Counter (0-9999W)
  • Solar Status (Sun symbol)
  • Charge Status
  • Solar Capacity (% of maximum, and 10 Bar Graph)


  • Size (front panel): 80 x 85 x 24mm
  • Opening Electronic System: approx. 66 x 72mm
  • Weight:55g

Connects to your Votronic MPPxxx controller via an RJ-11 cable (comes with 5m).

Price: $99 inc. GST