AA Solar – All About Solar


Solar power is energy from the sun, that is converted into electrical energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant, renewable energy source available. Solar technologies can harness this energy for a wide variety of uses including to power: your home, bach, RV, caravan, farm, boat, business or even industrial equipment.

Did you know…
every hour of sunlight produces enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs?

Benefits of solar energy:

  • Save on power bills
  • Renewable
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Less dependence on the grid
  • Less or no exposure to rising electricity prices
  • Source of income
  • With battery, emergency power when the grid goes down
  • Generates electricity for 20+ years
  • Can increase the value and or saleability of your home or business

Did you know…
the amount of solar energy that falls on the earth’s surface in 40 minutes equals the total annual energy consumption of everyone on the planet?


At AA Solar, we are passionate about helping our customers harness the power of the sun, to give them greater energy freedom, lower costs and a clean, safe energy alternative. We tackle all solar projects, from RVS, Boats, and agricultural equipment to premium residential homes. No job is too big or too small for this talented dedicated crew of solar specialists.

Benefits of an AA Solar system

  • Custom designed to meet your needs
  • Friendly experienced professionals
  • Can do attitude
  • Great pricing and service
  • Best in class, for warranties


Being a custom business we: design, specify, source, install and guarantee the right solar system for you. With a track record of over 30 years, you know we are here to support you now, and for many years to come.

Our expert team will explain our products and designs and help demystify solar PV and batteries, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a well designed bespoke solar system

Or if you are keen to do it yourself, or simply need replacement components for an existing system, we can advise and supply these too.

We stock a wide range of products including the latest batteries, inverters, solar panels, solar controllers, monitors, fuses, cables and more.

Solar InstallationsInstallation Examples
Homes/Bach’s/Cribs/Tiny Houses/Carports/PoolsGrid Tied
Grid Tied + Battery
Off Grid
RVs, Caravans, Motor Homes, 5 Wheeler’s, buses, Boats, YachtsComponents
Full installs
Health checks
EVsMains Charger
Solar install
Commercial Buildings
3 phase installs
On or off grid
Farms & Industrial Equipment
(water pumps, white line painters, repeater towers, camera’s)
On or off grid

Operating from our purpose built workshops in Silverdale, just north of Auckland and Ashburton. Our highly skilled technicians can carry out assessments, upgrades and full installations for your motorhome, caravan or boat. We can also carry out installations for your home, bach, commercial building or remote rural block.

The company uses a combination of our own professional staff and contractors for installations to ensure that you receive reliable, timely service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the care we take in our installations, delighting our customers with a quality finish.

AA Solar Team

We are now a 15 strong team, that consists of installers, electrical engineers, a registered electrician and administration. This is a highly qualified specialist crew:

  • EWRB Registered Electricians/Engineers,
  • Bachelor of Engineering,
  • Bachelor of Science,
  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communications,
  • Diploma of Electronics and Telecommunications,
  • Electrical Services Technicians,
  • NZCE Engineering, Electrical Technical Certificates,
  • Industrial Measurement and Instrumentation,
  • Electrical Appliance Serviceman,
  • BSc Computer Science,
  • Trade and Auto Engineering,
  • ATOP Customer Service,
  • Bachelor of Sciences and Computer Engineering,
  • Clean Energy Council Course Graduates,
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, and Bachelor of Commerce,
  • Chartered Accountant, City and Guilds.
  • Phew all from 15 individuals!

We are a small team but we are a mighty one, collectively we love, intellectual and physical challenges, underpinned by making a positive contribution, to New Zealand and our planet.