Studio/One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar Kitsets

These Studio/One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar Kitsets are perfect for small lodgings such as tiny homes, sleep outs, granny flats (used full or part-time). Who use gas for cooking and hot water.

Available Kitsets:

Off-Grid Solar Kitset
Waihi Studio Off-Grid
  • System Inclusions:
  • * 6x 455W Solar Panels
  • * 48V 200Ah C10 Battery Bank
  • * Inverter/Charger
  • * Temperature Sensor
  • *Tilt mounting kit
  • * Installation Kit
  • *A complete set of documentation for electrical sign off
  • What Can Be Powered:
  • * Up to 10 LED Lights
  • * Small under bench or Dometic Fridge
  • * LED/LCD up to 40″
  • * Small Appliances with Max power rating 1,000W
  • * Small Washing Machine
  • (All Energy Efficient)
One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar Kitset
Kaikoura One Bedroom Off-Grid
  • System Inclusions:
  • * 8x 455W Solar Panels
  • * 48V 300Ah C10 Battery Bank
  • * Inverter/Charger
  • * Outdoor Battery Box
  • *Tilt Mounting System
  • * Installation Kit
  • * A complete set of documentation for electrical sign off
  • What Can Be Powered:
  • * Lighting
  • * Water pump
  • * TV
  • * Rangehood
  • * Macerator
  • * Internet, laptops, phone chargers
  • * Washing machine
  • * Small Appliances up to 1,500W
  • (All Energy Efficient)

Studio/One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar Kitsets can be purchased as is or installed by AA Solar (Installation Costs are not included). Kitsets have been designed with Tiny Homes, and Bach’s in mind. They can be readily customised for year-round living by lifting the number of days autonomy through adding additional batteries and an auto-start generator.

Why AA Solar?

At AA Solar, we are passionate about helping our customers harness the sun’s power to give greater energy freedom, lower costs and a clean, safe energy solution.    No job is too big or too small for this talented, dedicated crew of Solar Engineers.

  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Friendly experienced professionals
  • Can-do attitude
  • Great pricing and service
  • Best in class, for warranties

Being a custom business, we: design, specify, source, install and guarantee the right Solar System for you. With a track record of over 30 years, you can be assured, and we are here to support you now, and for many years to come.