Making Large Scale Solutions Simple

The Changing Landscape

The world is changing, not only do customers expect businesses to deliver: great quality, service and price; they also expect companies to care – about energy use, packaging, emissions, waste and most importantly people and the planet.

By going solar you can not only reduce your energy bills for the next 20+ years, it is a visible billboard to your staff and customers that you are one of the good guys, seeking to make positive sustainable change in the world.

AA Solar is a full service company that will help you make the right solar solution for your business.


Surety of Supply: Solar and batteries can keep your business running even when the Grid goes down. For many this surety of supply can pay for the entire solar install with one power outage! How much of your business is energy dependent? AA Solar can design a system that when the Grid goes down, your business does not go down with it. Whether its:

  • Eftpos machines, internet router, computer system
  • Perishable foods or medicines
  • Time sensitive processing: bakers, chemical reactions, milking
  • Health and safety risks – medical devices, security systems, lights

Savings in Operating Costs: With solar systems producing energy for 20-30 years, you can save money on power bills, from year one and for the next 20+ years. These costs savings can increase even further if you size your system to power your car fleet as well.

IRR: We are confident that the solar system we install will deliver a highly competitive Internal Rate of Return, that will make your initial investment a no brainer. We will sit with you to develop comprehensive financial model, well before a commitment is made.

Carbon Footprint: If you are a North Island company do not forget that we still burn coal at Huntly to support the grid during peak demand, and use natural gas extensively. Both of which have a negative impact on the countries and your carbon footprint.  But going solar and switching to electric or hybrid vehicles for your fleet, you can quickly and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint.

Play to your strengths: Many business have large, under utilised roofs and use electricity during the day. Why would you not get your roof working for you, to support your day time power needs?

Brand Enhancement: Whether your focus is: Business-to-Business, or Business-to-Consumer, all customers care about your green credentials. Going solar is a clear, visible commitment that can be promoted, online, in proposals, brochures and even packaging.

Staff Retention: Staff today are seeking to work for a company they can feel proud in. Working for a company who seeks to reduce their Carbon Footprint is a strong indication of a companies ethics. “If the company looks after the planet they are likely to look after me too”.

Customer Engagement: Customers spend more and stay longer with companies, whose values are aligned to their own. By showing a clear commitment to managing your costs and protecting the environment. You are likely to win the hearts and minds of many.

Why AA-Solar

Breadth of Service Offering: AA Solar offer grid-tied, hybrid (battery storage), and off grid solutions to suit your business requirements.  Grid-tied systems are the most cost effective to install, and export excess power to the grid.  Hybrid systems store excess power in batteries for use when the sun is not shinning and offers emergency power back up during a power cut.  Off-Grid obviously removes your power bill completely, but there is a significant up-front cost and is best suited for farms and business in areas without access to a grid power supply.

Technical Expertise: We have an exceptionally strong, large in-house team of Engineers, Electricians and Installation Technicians. Who bring a wealth of solar experience gathered here and overseas. As well as the best of breed PV modelling software to aid our engineers, design the optimal system that meets your business goals.

Financial Acumen: Coen van Breda, the owner and CEO of the business will work with you directly to help develop a detailed financial evaluation. He has 30+ years experience in national and international business at board and Chief Executive Officer level and is well placed to assist you and your board make an informed decision that meets your objectives.

Experience: Over the past 30 years we have specified and installed hundreds of commercial installations, both here and overseas. We develop custom solutions from needs assessment, to specification, product sourcing, installing, warranting, and after install support. We take care of the complexity, so going solar is an easy and enjoyable experience for you and your team.


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