At AA Solar no job is too big, to small or too remote, we pride ourselves in being able to solve all your powering needs. We literally mean “You name it, we can power it”.

We offer a full service from specification to installs, warranties and aftercare support.


Farmers have taken a lot of unfair heat, lately about their contribution to climate change.  The Ethanol problem is not one we can help you with.

But we do know a thing or two about solar and how it can reduce your running costs, provide access to electricity wherever you may need it, all with absolutely no Green House Gases. 

Solar has been seen to significantly reduce running costs and provide surety of supply across the Diary, Viticulture, Poultry, Horticultural industry. (For a more detailed explanation, check out our commercial page)

Solar Solutions Include:
  • Milking Sheds
  • Bottling
  • Cooling and storing systems
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Water & Irrigation pumps
  • Electric fences
  • Electric gates
  • Remote cameras
  • Off-Grid remote locations
  • 3 phase power installs

Industrial Equipment

We are delighted to partner with a wide range of commercial and Government agencies such as the Department of Conservation and the New Zealand Police, to meet a diverse range of power needs in challenging and or remote locations.

Solar Solutions Include:
  • Line marking
  • Repeater stations.
  • Telecom towers

We have an exceptionally talented team of experienced solar engineers who can tailor a solution to meet you needs.

Rangitoto Lighthouse


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