Understanding Your Energy Needs

The first step to correctly specifiying a robust solar system, is understanding your energy needs and to correctly specify the right solar system for you.

Understanding Your Energy Needs

Understanding Your Energy Needs:

A solar Specialist takes into account a broad range of factors including:

  • Size of the Berth or boat
  • The number of people that are likely to be using the camper/boat at the same time
  • How long each camping/boating trip is likely to be, i.e. weekends, a few weeks at a time, a couple of months or year-round.
  • The distance and frequency of travel, i.e. are you planning on touring New Zealand or travel to a lake and park for the summer?
  • Where are you planning to camp, i.e. Freedom or holiday park, Southland or Northland?
  • Time of year: Summer only, Spring through Autumn, Year-round

The Solar Engineer takes this understanding your energy needs to design a system to support all your electricity needs.  They also build the system to enable flexibility and robustness should your needs change.

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