Residential Solar Grid-Tied

Grid-Tied Solar System

Grid-Tied Solar System.

Residential Grid-Tied Solar System describes a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid and does not include a battery.

A Grid-Tied Solar System works best for people who are at home, or who have significant energy needs during the day, e.g. pool, underfloor heating etc. The solar energy is not stored, it must be used as it is produced, or it will be feedback to the grid.

Benefits of Residential Grid-Tied Solar

  • Great for people home during the day
  • Can save money on power bills from day one
  • Cheapest solar option
  • Excess Energy sent back to the grid for others to use
  • The national grid acts as a virtual battery, providing additional power when you need it.
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Residential Grid-Tied Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, for more FAQs click here

Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy or snowy days?

Your solar panels don’t need sun days to generate electricity as much as they need direct, unobstructed access to UV rays.  Meaning your solar system will still generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days- however, they won’t produce as much energy as they do on clear days.

How much will I save on my electricity bills?

That depends on how much electricity your home uses, where you live, your day time energy use, the rate your utility charges – both fixed and variable and several other factors.

If you are home during the day, you can expect to reduce your monthly electricity bill, by approximately 30%

How will I know if my property is a good candidate for solar panels?

The best place for a solar array will be a north-facing area of your property with minimal obstruction.  That means no trees in the way and no shade from chimneys or neighbouring houses to block the sun’s rays.

East and West-facing properties can also gain benefits from switching to solar. Don’t despair if your property doesn’t appear to fit these criteria.  Our Solar Engineer will be able to assess your home and let you know for sure.

Do my Solar Panels work at night

Solar panels do not generate electricity at night because there is no sunlight.  For night time energy you will draw from the grid.