Why AA Solar For RVs, Caravans and Boats

At AA Solar, our fervent dedication lies in facilitating our clients to harness the capabilities of the sun in order to provide an elevated level of energy independence, decrease expenses, and present an uncontaminated, secure energy solution. Our Solar Engineers are an exceptionally proficient and committed team that is equipped to tackle jobs of any magnitude, making AA Solar For RVs, Caravans and Boats possible.

In light of the fact that we are a customized enterprise, we carry out the design, specification, sourcing, installation, and guarantee of the ideal solar system for you. With a proven history of 30 years, rest assured that we will provide you with the necessary support, now and for many years to come.

Why AA Solar for Residential Solar Systems

Our team of professionals are experts in explaining our products and processes. They will assist you in unraveling the complexities of solar PV and batteries. This will allow you to relax and relish in the advantages of a skillfully designed personalized solar system.

AA Solar offers numerous benefits for those looking to install a residential solar system. 

  • Firstly, it is a great option for those who spend most of their time at home during the day. 
  • Additionally, AA Solar can provide significant cost savings on power bills from the very first day of installation, making it an affordable and practical choice. 
  • It is also the cheapest solar option available in the market. Moreover, any excess energy generated by the system is sent back to the grid, allowing others to make use of it.
  • Finally, the national grid serves as a virtual battery, providing additional power when needed. These benefits make AA Solar an attractive choice for those looking to invest in a residential solar system.

Why Choose AA Solar for RVs, Caravans and Boats?

At AA Solar, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end service that spans from your initial enquiry to the system’s productive life. We tailor our service to meet your specific energy needs, and we take great pride in offering a personalized experience to each of our customers.

Our team will begin by providing a free consultation, site assessment, and quote to ensure that we correctly size your system. This process allows us to design a solar system that maximizes the energy captured and used within your home, both now and in the future.

We offer fault monitoring services to our customers as well, checking their systems daily to ensure prompt identification and resolution of any issues. Additionally, we remotely monitor your system’s energy output to ensure that it’s delivering on your expectations.

Our dedicated account managers are always available to support you throughout the entire process. When you reach out to us, whether through our phone or online chat, we will connect you with a qualified solar engineer who can provide you with accurate and immediate support.

We go above and beyond to help our customers save on energy costs. In addition to designing and installing your solar system, we can help you find the best utility provider to maximize your savings.

Contact us today to experience the AA Solar difference.

We operate from two purpose-built workshops in Silverdale Auckland and Ashburton. Both of our workshops have highly skilled technicians. They can carry out an assessment, give advice, and do upgrades. They can also carry out full installations for your motorhome, caravan, RV or boat.

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Our happy customers have a lot to say about our products and services!

I found AA Solar to very helpful in assessing my requirements and suggesting a fix at a good price I would recommend you use them for your solar requirements.

Brian Whitaker

I recently purchased 2x 6v 260a batteries from Jonathon and was delighted with the price and warranty. But above all, AA Solar has great customer service. Jonathon is an encyclopedia of knowledge and very helpful. But we were also impressed by another guy that was working there. He couldn’t have been more helpful, carrying the batteries out and placing in our car boot. Seriously I think AA Solar is the most customer service focused business we have come across in a long time

Tom Morriss


Amazing interaction with Rob. Difficult questions answered with confidence particularly regarding issues of safety and specification.

Bernie Hawkins


Solar energy has liberated us motor homers from always requiring to be tied to the electrical grid which has allowed us to visit the many amazing places in New Zealand but not only visit for a day but to stay as long as we want.  A well designed solar system is essential in a motor home and the information provided by AA Solar is second to none, your guy’s knowledge of solar systems is great and the gear you supply is high quality with very reasonable prices. You are my first choice for solar equipment either for myself or for my work – I have multiple solar systems deployed throughout NZ for instrumentation.

George Payne

I had a great experience purchasing from AA Solar. They had the perfect panels for my van install, and I picked up the panels and wiring kit from them. Huge thanks to Thorsten and Rajiv for all the help getting my system up and running.

Jeffery Packard