100W PERC Mono Cell PV Solar Panel


GST inclusive

  • 25 years Performance Warranty to 80% of Output
  • 10 years Performance Warranty for 90% of Output
  • 5 years warranty against production and material defects


100W PERC Mono Cell PV Solar Panel, is a Tier One product, featuring outstanding performance and mechanical warranties.  Delivered anywhere in New Zealand.

Cell TypeMono Crystalline Silicon, PERC*, Photo Voltaic Solar Cells
Dimension of Module (mm)845H x 670W x 30H
Weight of Module6.7Kg/ 7.6Kg
Maximum Power at STC* (PMAX)100W
Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC)22.0V
Short-Circuit Current (ISC)5.94A
Voltage at PMAX (VMP)18.5V
Current at PMAX (IMP)5.45A
Maximum System Voltage1000VDC
Operating Temperature-40 to +85C
Cable Lengths800mm
ConnectorMC4 Plug

* PERC – Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. At its core, a PERC solar cell is simply a more efficient solar cell, meaning that solar panels built with PERC cells can convert sunlight into usable electricity more easily.

Data Sheet of 100W 845x670x30

Solar Selection Overview:

AA Solar has been supplying Solar Panels to the New Zealand market for over 20 years. Over this time we have used, researched and tested many solar panels from a variety of manufacturers and believe their range today are the best quality A Grade panels that can be found. Our extensive first-hand experience with these panels over the years evidence that these panels will perform as per specification over their 25 year life span. In addition AA Solar backs these products with warranties so our customers can enjoy the benefits and peace of mind knowing that your  100W PERC Mono Cell PV Solar Panels can be relied on now and for many years to come.


  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730, TUV, CE, ISO9001:2000

Module characteristic:

  • High reliability with guaranteed +3% power output
  • Bypass diodes to minimize power loss with shading
  • Customized solution for different applications
  • 25 years linear power warranty for stable output
  • Automatic solar cell soldering ensures perfect solar cell layout

Maximising Output:

Getting the most from your 100W PERC Mono Cell PV Solar Panel  . Even with the best solar panels on the market getying the maximum energy production out of them requires the use of the correct solar charge controller. We recommend MPPT Solar Charge controllers over PWM. The main difference between two types of charge controllers is that the MPPT solar charge controller is more efficient than a PWM solar charge controller. Currently, the MPPT solar charge controller is the most common type of charge controller and can gain you up to 30% more power than the PWM controllers.
Another important aspect to maximising the performance of your panels is to keep them clean. We recommend a regular wash using simple washing up liquid and water.

Additional information

Weight7.6 kg


Data Sheets

Data Sheet of 100W 845x670x30



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