Battery Watch Studer MBW 200A


MBW 200 Battery Watch with DIP switches Studer.  Battery Watch Studer MBW 200, 200A, 8-31 Vdc battery monitoring



Battery Watch Studer MBW 200A, battery protection

Battery Watch Studer MBW 200A

The MBW 200 is a vital part for a mobile installation. It increases the battery life. It has low voltage, high voltage and overload protection. Low voltage detection can easily be adjusted by a rotation switch. This way any type of (lead acid) battery can be protected against deep charge. The over voltage protection protects your costly devices against to high voltages.

The MBW 200 can easily be used as a main switch. This can be achieved by connecting a panel switch between the ground (-) and the switch connection. The main switch function cannot be used when this switch is not connected. In this case the MBW 200 operates as a MBW 200 only.

Explanation status led

Green: The battery voltage is ok. The output is switched on.
Green flash: Four times a minute, optional panel switch closed and the consumers are switched off.
Orange: The battery voltage is lower than the set point. After 30 seconds the output will be switched off.
Red: The output is switched off. The cause can be: low voltage, high voltage or overload.

Explanation alarm situations

Low voltage

The status led is lid orange if the battery voltage is lower than the set point. Does the voltage stay lower than the set point for over 30 seconds, the output will switch off. The status led is lit red.
Once in 10 seconds a three tone acoustic signal with a long interval is generated. The output will be switched on when the battery is charged and reaches undervoltagesetting+1,5V at 12V
and under voltage setting+3V at 24V. This can also be done by switching the optional panel switch off an on.

High voltage

The output will switch off when the battery voltage is higher than 15,5V / 31V, the led is lit red. Once in 10 seconds a three tone acoustic signal with a medium interval is generated.


The output will switch off when the MBW 200 is overloaded for a long time. The status led is lid red and once in 10 seconds a three tone acoustic signal with a short interval is generated. The
housing can be warm.  The output will switch on when the housing is cooled down.

Low voltage setting:

The low voltage setting can be adjusted by the rotating switch. The numbers are corresponding with the table on the front of the MBW 200.  Adjusting can be done with a small screwdriver. The low voltage protection can be switched off by selecting the ‘0’, ‘8’ or ‘9’ position. In this way the battery can be discharged further.

MBW 200 as main switch

If a panel switch is connected, the main switch function can be used. The output is turned off when the switch is closed. The status led is off and
flashes green four times a minute.  The normal MBW 200 function is activated when the switch is opened.  Normally in this case the status led is lid green and the output is switched  on but this is depending on de status of the battery and MBW 200 self.


Additional information

Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 9.2 × 8.5 cm