Kaikoura One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar Kitset


Off-Grid System, 3.64kWp Solar Panel Array (8x 455W), 19.2kWh (9.6kWh usable) Battery Bank, an Inverter/Charger with a built-in 5kW max Solar Controller.   Every Kitset includes a free consultation with a Solar Engineer, this call can be used to help with selecting the kitset/Customisation or advice with respect to installation and certification.

AA Solar customise Off-Grid Kitsets to meet your individual needs

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The AA Solar Kaikoura One Bedroom Off-Grid Solar System is perfect for small lodgings such as tiny homes, sleepouts, and granny flats (used either part-time or full-time).  It is the ideal System for people where the power requirement is for LED lights, a small efficient fridge-freezer, and phones and laptops. You can also use small appliances such as a jug, toaster, and microwave provided the maximum draw does not exceed 4000W.   And you will have enough power to run a vacuum cleaner during the day, and a washing machine on sunny days.

Every Kitset includes a free consultation with a Solar Engineer, this call can be used to help with selecting the kitset/Customisation or advice with respect to installation and certification.

System Inclusions

  • Fully integrated Off-Grid Power System
  • 8x Solar Panels Silver 455W PERC Half Cell
  • Inverter/Charger with Inbuilt Temperature Sensor and Solar Controller
  • 19.2kWh (9.6kWh usable) Battery Bank
  • Tilt mounting kit
  • Indoor Equipment Cabinet
  • Smart Battery Monitor
  • Flush Tin Mounting Kit.
  • AC/DC Protection Switch Gearf
  • *Inverter and Batteries need to be housed in a watertight shed or similar.

Tell Me More:

The Kaikoura is ideal for situations requiring an average 4.5-6.5kWh of power a day, and the load needed is 4kVA continuous and up to 8kVA 5sec peak (values at 25°C).  It comes with a 3.64kW solar array and a 19.2KWh (9.6kWh usable) battery bank.

At the heart of this Off-Grid System is the inverter/charger that provides a central unit to monitor and control all aspects of the System. 

How Much Power Will I Have?

Your System has eight panels, the 3.64kW solar arrays’ average daily power production will be between 5-8kWh in winter and up to 12-16kWh in summer.

Pro Tip: For year-round living, we highly recommend adding an auto-start generator. Provide backup power during periods when the weather is bad, and your total solar generation is not enough to cover your energy needs and keep your battery bank full.

What Can Be Powered?

This System can meet all the power requirements of a typical tiny home with gas cooking and hot water up to 4kW continuous demand.

  • Lighting°
  • Water pump°
  • Small Dometic fridge/freezer°
  • TV°
  • Rangehood°
  • Macerator°
  • Internet, laptops, phone chargers
  • Suitable washing machine°
  • And all small appliances such as a jug, toaster, and microwave with a maximum power rating under 1,500W.  Small appliances create variable loads; please discuss planned usage with your trusted AA Solar Engineer.  Do remember not to use all appliances at once. You have a total of 4kW continuous, 5kW for 15mins, and 8kW for 5sec (values at 25°C) available.

This System can not support high wattage equipment such as electric induction cooking and ovens.

Note: AC loads must stay within the inverter’s limitations.

° = Energy efficient


  • PV modules – Twenty Five-year linear power and ten-year material & workmanship
  • Inverter/charger – Two-years
  • Battery – Five-years Conditional Warranty
  • Mounting System – Ten-Years

* We will provide a detailed estimate tailored for your specific needs; prices are an indication. They are subject to change due to customisation, shipping, or supplier price changes. All PV generation figures are Auckland based, with PV modules facing True-North pitch without shading.  No system installation, inspection, commissioning, and maintenance allowance in this kit price.  Installations shall be in accordance with NZ law, regulations and associated standards.  Systems are wired to the main distribution board.  It is highly recommended that any system with less than four days of autonomy have an auto-start generator installed.

^ For Off-Grid PV Systems, the way you use power throughout the year and over a 24hr period will alter the system performance.  Normalised profiles have been used to provide kitset examples.

Popular Upgrade:

We can also lift the available power with a Lithium Battery/Inverter Package, which delivers more power while taking up less space.

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