MPPT Series Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller by Votronic


The Votronic MPP Duo range are advanced MPPT type Solar Charge Controllers that can charge two different battery banks at once.  The MPP Duo Digital provides optimum energy yield due to charging current being increased by 10-30%. High quality German designed and built units provide accuracy in monitoring and charging and high levels of protection.

AA Solar is NZ’s exclusive Distributor and Service Agent for genuine Votronic products.

Models include: MPP165, MPP250, MPP350 & MPP430 Standard and Humidity Proof versions.


The MPP Series Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller by Votronic,  that can charge two different battery banks at once from the same Solar Panel array.

The Votronic MPP Series Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller is the MPPT solar controller to charge your 12V Start and 12V House battery simultaneously.  Independent charge level settings.

Ideal for Motorhomes and Boats where you have an engine start battery and a house battery. Votronic MPP Duo controllers have a electronic protection against overcharging, overload, overheating and reverse currents at night.

They have 2 battery charging ports for charging 2 separate battery banks simultaneously with one bank being charged fully, and the other receiving a trickle charge.

Ideal for keeping your house batteries at full, and making sure your start battery is full also. Adjustable charging programs to suit flooded acid, Gel, AGM and LiFePO4 batteries.

LEDs to indicate the charging state:(Full, >80%, Charging MPPT mode, Low Voltage). Temperature compensation when used with the optional Temperature Sensor.

Note: must be used on a 12V system.



MPP Technology Solar Charge Controller
Model MPP 165 Duo Dig. MPP 250 Duo Dig. MPP 350 Duo Dig. MPP 430 Duo Dig.
Product No: 1710 1715 1720 1725
Battery Voltage Lead Acid / LiFePO4 12V / 12.0-13.3V 12V / 12.0-13.3V 12V / 12.0-13. V 12V / 12.0-13. V
Capacity Solar Module (Pmax) 40-165 Wp 40-250 Wp 50-350 Wp 50-430 Wp
Current Solar Module max. 10A 15A 21A 26A
Voltage Solar Module (Voc) max. 50V 50V 50V 50V
Charging Current House-/Start Battery max. 12.0/1.0A 18.0/1.0A 25.5/1.0A 31.5/1.0A
Lead Temperature Compensation/LiFePO4 Protection ♦/♦ ♦/♦ ♦/♦ ♦/♦
Switching Output AES Refrigerator 12 V/0.2 A 12 V/0.2 A 12 V/0.2 A
Connection Solar Computer S, ready to plug in
Output for EBL Solar Power Display
Dimensions* (WxDxH) mm 77x131x40 77x131x40 77x131x40 77x131x40
Weight 225g 235g 285g 285g
Charging programs for Acid, Gel and AGM 3 3 3 3
Charging programs with temperature protection for current LiFePO4 complete batteries with BMS 5 5 5 5


User Manual of MPP Controllers


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Capacity Solar Module max (Wp)

165Wp, 250 Wp, 350Wp, 430 Wp

Humidity Proof

Standard, Humidity proof


User Manual of MPP Controllers