Making Your Solar Dreams A Reality

AA Solar is privately owned and operated company, focused on providing experience-based practical support and advice to our customers. If you’re interested in batteries and chargers, solar panels, DIY Solar Kits, or outfitting your RV with solar power and other energy efficient appliances, you are in the right place.

We offer RV solar panels and other equipment, including lithium batteries, inverter/chargers and monitoring in complete do-it-yourself solar kits.  Since our inception over thirty years ago, we have led the way in camping and RV solar system implementation, products and customer service.

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Pricing and Product Information

Solar PanelsAA Solar – Solar Panels
Solar Panel Kitsets
Rack mount sytems
Solar ControllersEP Solar Controllers – Tracer, eTracer, iTracer, LandStar
Votronic Solar Controllers
Deep Cycle BatteriesAA Champion AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
AA Solar Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Batteries
Battery ChargersTBB Battery Chargers
Studer Battery Chargers
Battery MonitorsVotronic Battery Computers
Bogart Battery Monitors
DC-DC ConvertersStuder DC-DC Converters
Even ChargersEven Chargers
Tank Level MonitorsSeeLevel Tank Monitors
Pure Sinewave InvertersStuder Pure Sinewave Inverters
Pure Sinewave Inverter-ChargersStuder Pure Sinewave Inverter-Chargers
Grid Connected InvertersSofarSolar Grid Connected Inverters
Electrical PartsBlue Sea Systems Electrical Parts


Please check the model number of your product against that in the manual. There are variances from one version to the next. Specifications may be different from that in the manual if the model number is not the same.

If you don’t see what you need here send us an email


Tracer A Series MPPTTracer A-SeriesIEC 61000-6-4
Tracer RN Series MPPT10A Tracer RN 
20A Tracer RN 
30A Tracer RN 
40A Tracer RN
EP Solar
Tracer BN Series MPPTTracer BN 10A-40ARead This First 
Monitor Software
IEC 62109-1
EN 61000-6-3
eTracer Ethernet Version MPPTeTracer N Series
eTracer BND USB Version MPPTeTracer BND USBRead This First 
Monitor Software
EN 61000-6-3
iTracer (USB) MPPTiTracer 45A 60A
Land Star PWM ControllerLandStar Wall Mount
LandStar Panel Mount
Land Star B series
View Star PWM with MeterViewStar N Series
ViewStar BN Series
EPEVER WiFi and Bluetooth Adapter AppQuick Setup InstructionsAndroidWiFi-BLE-App


MPP Solar Controllers old versionsMPP Old Versions
MPP Solar Controllers Li settings, 2 switchesMPP 160Li 240Li 
MPP 320Li 420Li 480Li
MPP Solar Controllers New, 4 switchesMPP New Versions
MPP Solar MeterLCD Solar Monitor
LCD Battery Computer 100A, 200A & 400A 12V/24V Non-LoggingLCDx00 Old
LCD Battery Computer 100A, 200A & 400A 12V/24V Gen2, LoggingLCDx00 New
LCD Battery Computer 100A, 200A & 400A 12V/24V Gen3 Smart ShuntLCDx00 Smart Shunt
Votronic Battery Switch to LCD Battery Computer – Wiring Diagram (Old Version – see above for Smart Shunt Version Manual)Battery Switch to LCD100


707707 Owners Manual707 Brochure
709 (-3 and -4)709 Installation Manual
Wiring Diagram 
709 Brochure
711711 Manual
711T711T Brochure
712712 Brochure
713713 Brochure


Solar Installation Kit InstructionsAA Solar Kit
12V Battery System with Battery Monitor12V Battery and Monitor
24V-24V-12V Battery System with Battery Monitor24V-24V-12V Diagram
Bogart Engineering Battery Monitor TM-2025TM-2025 User Manual
TM-2025 Installation Manual 
TM-2025 Wiring Diagram