Custom Solutions, Sensible Pricing

We customise a solar solution specifically for you, to maximise saving and available energy. The below table is a very broad guideline to solar pricing, actual price is dependent on energy needs and location. Please talk to us directly for an accurate obligation free quote.

RVs/Caravans/Trailers/Boats$1,570 – $6,470Energy needs
Tiny Homes & Homes Grid-Tied$4,500-$25,000With or without battery, power usage
Tiny Homes & Homes Off Grid$20,000-$300,000Location, power usage
Large Farm or commercial building – grid tied$15,000-$1mWith or without battery, power usage
Large Farm or Commercial Buildings – off grid$60,000-$3mLocation, power usage
Industrial Equipment$1,000-$1mLocation, power needs

Obligation Free Quote

For an obligation free quote, tailored for your specific solar needs please call or contact us. We can provide a detailed solar pricing plan for your project.


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