Solar Suitable Accessories

Dometic 12V/24V Upright Fridge/Freezers

Model NumberDescriptionPrice
CRX-1050Upright Total Storage 45 litre – Fridge 41 litre, 4.4 litre freezer$1,329
CRX-1065Upright Total Storage 57 litre – Fridge 50l, 7 litre freezer$1,358
CRX-1080Upright Total Storage 78 litre – Fridge 71litre, 7.5 litre freezer$1,538
CRX-1110Upright Total Storage 109 litre – Fridge 98l, 9.5l Freezer$1,749
CRX-1140Upright Total Storage 136 litre, 124l Fridge, 11litre Freezer$1,889
RUC 6408XTotal Storage 180litre, 134l Fridge, 46l Freezer$2,613

Chest Fridge or Freezer

Model NumberDescriptionPrice
CF-18 Chest Fridge or Freezer 18 litre$835
CFX-28 Chest Fridge or Freezer 28 litre, 42 cans$1,016
CFX-35W Chest Fridge or Freezer 35 litre, 47 cans$1,263
CFX-40W Chest Fridge or Freezer 41 litre, 60 cans$1,348
CFX-50W Chest Fridge or Freezer 50 litre, 72 cans$1,452
CFX-65W Chest Fridge or Freezer 65 litre, 106 cans$1,614
CFX-75DZW Chest Fridge or Freezer 75 litre, 113 cans$1,804
CFX-95DZW Chest Fridge or Freezer 95 litre, 133 cans$1,946

RSE TV’s and Accessories

RSE TV’s include Freeview and HD Satelite Decoder, Wireless Audio 12V (+24V, 19″,22″,24″), USB.

RSE19WHDTV-T19″ DVB-S2-T TV Twin Tuner, Sky$852
RSE22Smart TV22″ Smart TV/DVD DVB-S2-T$662
RSE24WHDTV-T24″ DVB-S2-T TV Twin Tuner, Sky$1,090
RSE24WHDTV-T 32″ DVB-S2-T TV/DVD with Sky$1,356

Satellite Dish

KiwiSat60cm Auto Pop-Up Satellite Dish$2,346
Southern Cross52cm Auto Pop-Up Satellite Dish$2,560