System Health Check For Motorhomes and Caravans

Understanding Your Energy Needs

Are you worried about your Solar System’s Health?

  • Dull or chipped panels?
  • Low on Energy?
  • Tires Easily?
  • Unexplained behavior?
  • Odd Readings?

Your System may be underperforming with respect to energy generation and storage.  But don’t worry, the problem is rarely terminal and there are solar experts who can help.

AA Solar System Health Check

Ultimately we want you to get the best from your system and enjoy worry and hassle-free holidaying.

This service involves: visual inspection, settings check and testing of your motorhome power system.  Where necessary we will clean and tighten electrical connections, check your solar panel fixings and clean your panels. 

We will check the settings, where applicable, of your inverter, charger and monitor, review your electrical needs and ensure your system is adequately sized.

We will advise on any corrective action that may be needed or any upgrading options that may improve your system. 

Exactly What is Done in a Systems Health Check?

  • Solar panel visual inspection
  • Power generation output check
  • Check the solar panels roof fixing and sealing
  • Inspect the Solar Controller settings, inputs and output checks
  • Battery monitor calibration, settings and operation check
  • Visual check of all contacts (wiring) connections to batteries, terminal check and clean.
  • Battery charge system check
  • Shunt check and clean
  • VSR check
  • Check & verify capacity of fuses and circuit breakers
  • AC points test – polarity checked (no panels or switches removed)
  • DC output check (to include lights, water pump, tv, tank monitor, gas detector, radio, 12V sockets, fridge). 
  • System size check to confirm that loading has not changed, and sufficient charge is available for batteries.

How Long Does A RV/Motor Home System Health Check Take? 

You should expect a comprehensive Solar System Health Check to take 60-90 minutes. These are carried out at our Silverdale or Ashburton Workshops.

How Much Does a System Health Check Cost?

Prices are likely to range from $125 – $175.  AA Solar’s is $125. However, if you are a NZMCA member, do let the company know as there is likely to be a special offer or price available. Book Health Check