A Change For Good

A change for good

No matter how proud and relieved we all are to have reached level one and the return to almost normal, there were aspects of Level 4, that just felt better, healthier, and more respectful to our planet.

A Change For Good

Remember the quiet streets, the bird song, the families walking or cycling safely together.  The clean air and stunningly clear views.  We were given a rare glimpse of a New Zealand without the combustible engine.  A world that will one day be possible again; if this team of 5 million continue to support and push for sustainable energy, electric vehicles, bike lanes and great public transport.

Working from home was perhaps the biggest surprise of all.  Not only did productivity hold or increase, but we managed a daily walk and remained connected to our customers, workmates and family.  Working from home had a measurably positive impact on both our planet and our health.  With improved air quality, reduced congestion, and a significant decrease in coal generated electricity

How reassuring it was, to see the savings we made when life was stripped back to the essentials of food, water, and power. Yet how disconcerting it was to be faced with shortages or no supply of bread and toilet paper.  

Solar has a role to play in capturing the Good from lockdown, by helping kiwis generate their own electricity, save money, and lower the country’s carbon footprint.  And when a battery is added, you get the security of backup power when the grid goes down.

Yes, we are back to “almost normal” but we are not the same and that is a change for good.  We want our homes to sustain us; we want to protect the environment; and we want a new way to work and play, that supports our community’s and family’s health and wellbeing.

Driven by underlying principles of flexible work, sustainable energy and connection.  A Change For Good.