Beat Rising Power Prices & Emissions

Beat Rising Power Prices & Emissions

The effects of dry winters are now starting to bite the commercial sector. Power prices are growing exponentially as dry weather, and natural gas shortages wreak havoc on the electricity market.  Companies across to commercial spectrum are being affected by the price increases. Supermarkets, manufacturers and office workers are reporting increases of between 43-70% as they seek to fix a new commercial power price. (Source RNZ 23rd June 2021 Businesses face six-figure power bill increases).

Disturbingly the country once again is reliant on coal imported from Indonesia to generate power at Huntly. Despite coals status as the worst, most polluting fossil fuel on the planet. To March 2021 44% of Genesis’ total electricity generation came from coal. More coal was burned in the March quarter than each of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. Coal emits about 30% more carbon dioxide than the next worst fossil fuels, diesel and petrol. (Source RNZ 11 June 2021 New Zealand’s use of coal for electricity surges)

If you are a business owner and own your building,  you don’t need to be at the power companies’ mercy. By turning your roof into your very own power station, you have the opportunity to enjoy a host of benefits including the ability to beat rising power prices and emissions:


  1. Generate your power from free, abundant, renewable energy to support your daytime energy needs.
  2. Store excess electricity for night time or early morning use.
  3. Beat rising power prices by reducing your reliance on grid power.

Surety of Supply.

Solar and Batteries can keep your business running even when the grid goes down,

  1. Eftpos, internet router, Computer systems
  2. Cool Stores, processing
  3. Lights and security systems

Provide EV Charging for your fleet or your customers.
Reduce fleet costs

  1. Reduce fleet costs
  2. Support staff and customers
  3. Lower carbon emissions

Do your part to reduce:

  1. Demand on the aging grid.
  2. Countries reliance on coal powered electricity.
  3. Lower our countries carbon emissions.

Environmental Credentials .

Environmental credentials are becoming increasingly important to your customers, your employees and government contracts. Solar is a tangible way for you to illustrate your commitment to a clean, sustainable New Zealand.

Fully Utilise Your Asset .

Many companies have large underutilised roofs and use most of their energy during the day. Utilise this asset to lower your costs and lower your carbon footprint while growing your brand reputation.

To find out more contact AA Solar and talk with one of our highly experienced solar engineers who will provide a no-obligation assessment and quote for your business.