Remote Communications

AA Solar is a preferred supplier to New Zealand’s Wireless Internet Service Providers. Ensuring remote locations remain connected with phone and internet communications reliably and cost-effectively.

Project Zero – Rural Broadband Remote Radio Tower PV Systems

AA Solar designed and supplied complete remote PV power systems and components for, to date, 61 rural broadband sites. These sites house the antennas, transmitters, relays, and radio to provide broadband services to remote communities that have no other internet connectivity.

As StrataNet provides critical communication services to rural New Zealand, it was essential that each site is operational 24/7 thereby, the design of the power systems and also the quality of each component supplied had to be robust and able to operate in difficult to get to remote locations and consistently operate under challenging weather conditions.

Mt Raoula, Remote Installations take dedication
Rural Broadband PV Systems By AA Solar
Mt Raolia Installation on a Sunny Day