Gel-tastic Winter RV Kitset


Features 12V200AH Gel Battery.  Suitable to power: Lights, Fridge, Waterpump, Diesel or gas heater, TV,Radio, DVD,

With a 500W Inverter: Computer, Phone Charger, electric tooth brush!


AA Champion  12V Tubular Gel Batteries forms the cornerstone to this Gel-tastic Winter RV Kitset.   This battery is so efficient that one does the job equivalent to two batteries. The entire kitset is designed to maximise useable energy to power everything you need.  Along with all the visibility and protection to ensure your system is simple to use and will offer years of hassle-free motoring.

IncludesFeaturesSuitable To Power
12V200AH Gel Battery5 Year Battery Warranty, highly efficient even at low temperaturesLights, Fridge, Waterpump, Diesel or gas heater, TV, Radio, DVD,

With a 500W Inverter:

Computer, Phone Charger, electric toothbrush!!

365W Solar PanelLarge panel to maximise solar production.
30A Solar ControllerConverts solar power into energy that can be stored in the battery and protects the battery from becoming overcharged
LCD Battery MonitorLCD Battery Monitor is like a fuel gauge for your battery.
Switching UnitMake it easy to turn your battery on or off and protects it from being fully discharged.
Installation Items: protection, mounting, cables, connectors, fusesHave everything on hand ready to install.

*Exclude installation costs, AA Solar are happy to quote for installation at our Silverdale or Westport workshop.


Additional information

Weight55 kg
Dimensions160 × 30 × 30 cm