IPower Plus Pure Sine Wave Inverter (2000W/3000W) by Epever


IP2000-12 Plus 12VDC, 2000W

IP3000-24 Plus 24VDC, 3000W


Ipower-Plus is a high-frequency pure sine wave inverter that uses digital intelligent control technology.  The inverter brings a lower inrush current of input, faster dynamic response, better impact resistance from the load, more reliable operation; it also supports lithium batteries.  This product fits any situation of DC to AC, such as RV’s, boats, homes, and places that require high-quality power.

IPower Plus Pure Sine Wave Inverter Product Highlights:

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Input to output electrical isolation
  • Digital dual closed-loop control of voltage and current
  • Input surge current suppression for lithium battery systems.
  • Input surge current suppression technology to support the lithium battery system.
  • Output power factor up to 1
  • Simple system wiring & 180 degrees rotating LCD
  • Input Protection: Reverse polarity, low-voltage, over-voltage
  • Output Protection: Overload, Short circuit, Overheating
  • Phone and PC remote control through RS485 port
  • Extra eternal switch port
  • Safety (EN/IEC6210-) & EMC approved by international standards
Inverters Explained:

The inverter is like your solar system’s brain.  It manages your power flow, controlling two kinds of power.  DC- or direct current – power is the kind stored in batteries.  It’s also the kind produced by solar panels.  But you can’t use DC power (Directly) to power anything in your home.  That’s where your inverter comes in.  Everything in your home uses AC- or alternating current – power.  And an inverter takes DC power from your panels (or from batteries) and turns it into AC to be used for your fridge, lights, TV, and other household appliances.

How is an off-grid inverter different from a grid-tied inverter?

A grid-tied inverter takes DC power from solar panels, turns it into AC to use in-situ or sent to the National grid.  Grid-tied inverters are simpler and easier to wire since there are usually only two main components – the inverter itself and your solar panels.  (some grid-tied systems are starting to incorporate energy storage, but most don’t have any at all.  But an off-grid inverter needs a battery bank to function.  Here’s how it works:  your solar panels feed DC power into the batteries.  Then your inverter takes that power and “inverts” it, creating AS power for your home.  This works essentially like a miniature power grid.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 42.0 × 23.1 × 12.3 cm
Output Continuous Power(W)

2000W, 3000W

Specification Sheet