Votronic Info Panel Pro


Votronic Info Panel Pro unit controls the fresh water,sewage water, & feces tank, as well as the board battery & starter battery. Plus a main switch for board battery & pump for the fresh water supply.

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The Votronc Info Panel Pro takes over the most important control and switching tasks in a camper. Moreover, it is particularly compact. The unit controls the fresh water tank, the sewage water tank, the feces tank, as well as the board battery and the starter battery. Besides, it is equipped with a main switch for the board battery and a pump main switch for the fresh water supply. Of course, both units are equipped with activation control.

Centralised Control and Information Unit for RVs and Boat, Functional Features:
• Digital Voltage Display for Starter Battery and Board Battery
• Tank Displays for Fresh Water Tanks, Sewage Water Tanks and Feces Tanks (Level Measuring)
• Pump Main Switch with LED Pilot Lamp (Water Pump)
• Battery Main Switch with LED Pilot Lamp (Equipment-on Check)

Detail Explained:

The board and starter battery can be watched using the voltage display on the left side of the Votronic Info Panel Pro. The luminous spot display supplies a precise display of the battery voltage rates, because the intermediate values are legible at different brightness of the adjacent luminous spots. At the push of a button, the voltage of the board or starter battery can be selected, or the display can be switched-off. In the case of low battery voltage rates, red pilot lamps indicates that soon battery recharging is required.

The tank levels are represented by clearly arranged luminous bars with 10 light emitting diodes in three colours allowing that the tank levels can be read conveniently at a glance. The displays are working continuously, because intermediate results are displayed in variable brightness.  During refuelling and defuelling of the tanks, the continuously raising or dropping display shows a direct image of the instantaneous level allowing complete control of the procedure. Also the continuous operation of the display contributes to this control. At the touch of a button, the display can be switched-on or -off, or it is switched-off automatically after approx. 10 minutes. The standard tank display on the right side of the Info Panel Pro additionally can be switched to two measuring inputs (e. g. sewage water and feces tank). Please choose for each used tank display one of the VOTRONIC Tank Transmitters according to tank volume, tank height and mounting possibility at the tank from the selection table measuring sensors. Tank displays, which are not required (such as feces) are simply left free.

The Votronic Info Panel Pro is protected against reverse battery and overload. The connections are easily accessible and the free ends are labelled and equipped with 6.3 mm flat connectors (power supply connections) and pluggable terminal screws (signal connections).


Detailed installation and operating manual, as well as drilling jig for the furniture cutout are included in the standard delivery scope. The small dimensions of the front panel and the particularly small mounting depth of only 15 mm allow an installation at almost any location. Storage space, which might be located behind, can be used further. When being switched-off, unit and tank transmitter are completely dead.

The individual tank displays of the Info Panel Pro can also be operated with 2 tanks (such as inside tank/outside tank, summer/winter operation, auxiliary tank etc.). For switching, separate switches 2x UM are suitable, such as the Switch Panel 16 A S, Art. 1289, or Switch Panel 2x 16 A S, Art. 1291.

Former measuring sensors, tank transmitter sets and tank probe are working according to the conductive measuring method (conductivity). Due to the 7-stage measurement they are no longer suitable for continuous operation at the Votronic Info Panel Pro.

Unit Type Art.-
Switching Current
Main Switch
max. [A]
Switching Current
max. [A]
Info Panel Pro 5330  0 – 50 16 10 90 200 x 55 x 18 175 x 42 x 12
Mark of conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
Delivery Scope: Flat connector, fastening screws, manual, drilling jig


User Manual Info Panel Pro

Info-Panel-Pro (b)


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Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4.3 × 1.2 cm


Info-Panel-Pro (b)

User Manual Info Panel Pro