Solar Inclusive RV Packages

Low Maintenance

Most RV’s are now sold as solar inclusive RV packages. Which of course, we totally understand.  Solar is the perfect partner for Motorhome enthusiasts, opening a host of benefits such as:

  • Saving owners money on camping ground charges
  • Clean, quiet & straight forward to use
  • Safe and reliable 
  • Low maintenance
  • And of course, it opens the wondrous world of Freedom Camping.

Or does it?  Time and time again, we have new RV owners contact us because their solar system is not delivering the energy they were expecting.  Invariably the seller has installed a solar starter kit. That is not enough to meet an RV Owners energy expectations and certainly not enough to support freedom camping. 

For instance, an RV dealer tends to install a 100-150W Solar System, which is suitable for very light power usage. Such as lights, an extractor fan and some charging ports for your phone or to power your laptop.  So that’s a great start, and you can certainly have a wonderful camping experience. If you are staying in a Campground and happy to use all of their facilities.

But if you would like to be more self-sufficient and power a fridge, TV, or charge your electric bike, chances are you will need to consult a solar specialist.  As the solar system installed will not be adequate to support your energy needs.  

When specifying a solar system, a solar specialist takes into account a broad range of factors, including:

  • Size of the Berth 
  • The number of people that are likely to be using the camper at the same time
  • How long each camping trip is likely to be, i.e. weekends, a few weeks at a time, a couple of months, year-round.
  • The distance and frequency of driving, i.e. are you planning on touring New Zealand or travel to a lake and park for the summer?
  • Where are you planning to camp, i.e. Freedom or holiday park, Southland or Northland?
  • Time of year: Summer only, Spring through Autumn, Year-round 

A Solar Engineer takes this information and designs a system to support all your electricity needs, usually utilising what you have and adding to it.  They also design the system to enable flexibility and robustness should your needs change.

So don’t assume you have your electricity needs sorted, just because your RV already has a solar system installed.  Please make sure you get it checked out by a qualified solar engineer before you head out on the road. After all, getting an RV Stockist to select your solar system, is like getting your real estate agent to specify your homes electrical circuits. When it comes to electricity, it is essential to seek and use expert advice.

To talk to a solar expert call 0800 119 581 or click here