Working From Home? Let Solar Keep You Humming

Working From Home

Working from home is all about working smarter, more productively and with reduced costs.  To lock in these benefits, it is worth putting in a little extra time, to ensure you have the infrastructure in place, to support your new hopefully improved way of life.

Working from home?

This of course means setting up you home office, getting the best possible phone, internet, and electricity plans. It is also a great time to ask yourself if you are working and engaging with the world in the most efficient sustainable manner. 

Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic Systems are designed to harness the abundant, free, natural energy from the sun. And turn it into electricity that you can use during the day to support your work and home life.  Conveniently Grid-Tied systems are also the cheapest of the solar options available.

Grid-Tied Solar is a fantastic option for people who are home during the day. As you can save money on electricity bills, by using the free energy from the sun without the need for a battery. Which although fabulous it is a more expensive product option.

Using Solar Energy

During the day you maybe in your office running: a heat pump, lighting, computer, extra screens, while charging a phone and air buds.  All of which can easily be powered by a domestic Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic System.  You can then stagger the use of your major appliances throughout the day i.e.

  • 10am Dishwasher
  • 11am- 3pm Washing Machine
  • 12-6pm Crockpot
  • 4pm – Perhaps the dryer to finish off anything that did not dry on the line. (The best thing about solar is the ability to use the dryer guilt free!)

Being able to run all your major appliance during the day is a real bonus. It means you can keep on top of household chores during work breaks, leaving your evenings to enjoy with the family.  It also means you are avoiding the peak grid power rates further securing your savings.

Solar Systems can be purchased via green energy deals like the one available to  Westpac mortgage holders. Or if you are not with Westpac, interest rates are low with all major lenders. Whether you add the cost to your mortgage or use consumer finance.  And if you are a business owner or contractor a percentage of your interest costs are tax deductible.  Once installed solar generates electricity for 20+ years, with next to no maintenance.

Working from home enables you to make a real difference to your family, by bringing in income, while keeping family life ticking smoothly on.  It also opens the ability save money through the use of a cleaner, more abundant energy source. Solar power the perfect solution for daytime energy needs.