Introducing the New AA Champion Lithium 12V Smart Battery

AA Solar has recently released a new AA Champion Lithium 12V Smart Battery.  The new battery was introduced in early June and has very quickly become the team’s product of choice. Due to its lightweight, Built-in BMS, safety features and configuration flexibility.  Customers are loving the longer cycle life, Bluetooth monitoring, fast charging, and of course the amount of power on hand.

This product is ideally suited for solar/wind energy storage systems, UPS backup power, telecommunications, lighting, medical equipment, and electric vehicles.

AA Solar has already used this new battery in numerous RV upgrades, a home, and several industrial mobile applications.  We believe the benefits for all mobile solar users are clear and compelling.

Check out these great features:

Longer Cycle life: This new AA Champion Lithium 12V Smart Battery, offers up to 20 times longer cycle life. And five times longer float/calendar life than a lead acid battery.  This feature helps to minimize replacement cost and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Lighter Weight: An incredible 60% lighter than comparable lead acid battery. With a simple “drop in” replacement for lead acid batteries. Making installation a pleasure.

Higher Power: Unbelievably this new battery delivers twice the power of a lead acid battery. With an even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity.

Wider Temperature Range: Conveniently this battery can continue to operate -20 C to 60 C. Making it more than suitable in even our most challenging weather conditions.

Superior Safety: The lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuiting.

Increased Flexibility: The modular design enables the use of up to four batteries in a series or parallel.  This flexibility is proving invaluable for AA Solar whose customers range from RV and boating enthusiast to remote industrial applications.

Power at your Fingertips: The built in Bluetooth feature enables the monitoring of each battery via a Smartphone App.

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