Caravannex Solar Mobile Architecture

Caravanex Mobile Architecture in action

The Caravannex is solar mobile architecture in action, transforming to fulfil many different functions. Unlike the classic New Zealand caravan, it is designed to holiday away and then return home to become a natural architectural extension of a house or building – Caravan + annex. In a year when we have spent most of our time at home and very little of our time on holiday, Caravannex offers a new alternative to a home away from home.

A transformable interior allows the space to perform in many roles. At home, if you need an office you pack away the other facilities so you’re sitting in an office, not a caravan. If you are holidaying you can enjoy self-contained accommodation for up to four. Furniture and bedroom space appear out of the walls and ceiling, making the interior flexible, multi-functional and spacious. A platform outside the backdoor can be a bridge to another building, a back porch, or a canvas room become a pop-up bathroom.

AA Solar Specified a Solar System to run a 12V compressor fridge, LED Lights, water pump, toilet fan, and Inverter to charge laptops and phones. We supplied:

The Solar System is working so well. It is so freeing to be off the grid, it is one of the best features of the Caravannex” Katy Wallace Caravannex

An architectural shape gives the Caravannex the appeal of a small building in the landscape. The gable roof, when berthed alongside other buildings, allows the Caravannex to become a natural extension to the surrounding architecture. Rich with materials and pared-back details, the interior is lined with timber and thoroughly insulated to make it appealing and homely all year round.

The Caravannex has a small footprint in modern caravan standards. It is just over 2 metres wide by 4.5 metres long and has a view through the entire space to help your towing experience. Its single axle gives easy maneuverability.

Unique from anything in New Zealand, it is designed to holiday away then return home to become a natural architectural extension of a house or building. Caravan & annex. It is set apart by innovative space planning, modern design, and versatility.

The Caravannex stands out from the crowd through looks, innovation, and the way it can transform to fit a multitude of uses for home and away and more