Warkworth Couple RV Solar Panels

Warkworth Couple Solar Panel

A Warkworth couple requested a solar panel retrofit to enable them travel wherever they wanted without worrying about when and where to stop to charge their battery. We added 220W Solar Panel to support 2 x12V Batteries and a 2KW Inverter. Giving them a convenient, low-cost power supply that is a mobile as they are.

“Picked up the van yesterday, and I was very impressed with the installation of the Solar Panel. The team did a great job of the installation, and I am very happy with the workmanship. Even on this overcast day, the panel is working extremely well, and the battery levels are at 100%. Many thanks for the professional way in which you handled the job; this has been a trying period owing to Covid.” Frank Bland

What We Installed for Warkworth Couple:

Adding solar panels creates a mobile, cost-effective source of power that was easily retrofitted to an existing battery and inverter.