Supersized Solar Convenience and Lifestyle

When Hugh approached AA Solar convenience and lifestyle were at the forefront of his mind. To ensure he had the power needed to support all the conveniences of home and his favourite holiday activity.

We installed One Kilowatt of solar power on the roof charging a 200Ah Lithium battery through multiple solar controllers, this system has plenty of power for lights, a fridge, an extractor fan and many more accessories. Plus a 2kW Inverter to power the entire motorhome, as well as charge an electric surfboard.

Product Detail:

  • 4x 220W Mono PERC Half Cut
  • 2x 140W Solar Panels
  • IP2000-12Plus (T) IPower-Plus Sine Wave Inverter
  • 187 Series Circuit Breaker Panel Mount
  • 3x Solar Charge Controllers
  • Battery Computer
  • Switching Unit
  • AA Champion Lithium Smart Battery with BMS and Bluetooth
1x 30Amp Solar Charge Controller, 2 x 40Amp Solar Charger Controller, AA Champion Lithium 200Ah Smart Battery
IP2000-12Plus (T) IPower-Plus Sine Wave Inverter