Mobile Photography Studio

Brian was looking to turn his RV into a Mobile Photography Studio. He owns the highly successful “Chilli Pepper Studio” a photographer and videographer who travels all over New Zealand for commercial projects, Fashion shoots and Weddings. Brian approached  AA Solar to design and install a solar solution suitable to support his RV that he uses effectively as a mobile office.  We needed to ensure he had enough power to charge his cameras, drones and laptops wherever he was in the country year-round.

Specifically, Brian was looking to power two laptops, a drone with a 38W Battery, a 145L fridge, LED Lights and a water pump.

The key challenges we faced were:

  1. The limited roof space available to meet his power needs
  2. The need to charge the drone and cameras
  3. The need for guaranteed year-round power

He already had relatively new batteries, so these formed the starting point for the system we built. However, we future-proofed the system by installing a switching unit ready for his next battery upgrade.

We installed The following Fully Integrated Solution:

4x 60W Solar Panels and one 170W Solar Panel

  • By utilising the small solar panels, it meant we could maximise the power generation capacity within the space constraints

 2x MPPT Solar Charge Controllers,

  • To protect the health of the current RV battery, and the Drone’s battery

 1000W IPower Sinewave Inverter

  • To enable the drone, cameras and laptops could be plugged into a standard 3 point plug

Battery Computer

  • It acts as a fuel gauge for the battery, ensuring that Brian knows how much battery power he has.

Trident Mains Charger:

  • The Mains Charger effectively gives Brian two sources of power. Solar and the ability to plug into mains power when needed or convenient to do so.

Switching Unit:

  • Enables Brian to change power sources with ease.