Battery Ready Solar System

Battery Ready Solar System
Battery ready solar system

AA Solar installed this hybrid battery ready solar system for Shannon to support his busy family’s daytime power needs and his Crypto Mining hobby. Including two inverters one supporting Grid-Tied solar energy and a Hybrid Inverter to support the addition of batteries and EV cars in the future.

Specific Product Installed:

The system features a split solar array to maximise all-day energy generation. The goal was to put as many solar panels on the roof as possible. Which worked out to be a massive twenty-five 455W PERC Half-Cut Solar Panels to maximise available energy and potential savings. That is expected to deliver approximately 11KW of solar generation.

Shannon talks to us about his battery ready solar system. Including two inverters to support a large number of devices, five air conditioners, and the planned addition of electric cars. He also finds that solar works brilliantly with his crypto mining hobby. Basically allowing him to mine during the day with no power cost.

Shannon chose to go solar to generate savings and to embrace clean energy.