Tiny Home Solar Systems

Debbie's Tiny Home Solar System

With the cost of living rising and more people seeking to live simpler, more energy-efficient lives, the benefits of Tiny Home Living are apparent to us all, as are the benefits of Tiny Home Solar Systems. A well designed Solar System enables Tiny Homeowners to power their homes without being connected to the grid. Giving Tiny-Home owners greater freedom regarding where they live, and most importantly, their cost of living-no line fees or power bills! 

When deciding on your preferred power option, it is a good idea to explore the full range of options such as:

Tiny Home Power Options:

  1. The cost accessing Grid Power
  2. Wind Power
  3. Oil/Coal generators
  4. Solar Power

For Tiny Homes, Solar Energy invariably rises to the top, particularly for remote locations, based on the upfront costs, low ongoing maintenance, flexibility, space utilisation and low carbon footprint.

A Solar Specialist is the best person to assess whether your site and chosen Tiny Home are good candidates for solar. The Solar Specialist looks at the site’s orientation, roof space, roof type, and potential shading issues. Solar systems are ground-mounted or roof-mounted.

Craig’s Roof Mounted Solar System
Tiny Homes and Solar
Julie’s Ground Mounted Solar System

A Solar Specialist will then work with the Tiny Homeowner to gain an in-depth picture of their total energy needs (energy load). The size and number of panels are determined by available space, average energy needs and backup power requirements.

Debbie’s Tiny Home Solar System
Geraldine’s Tiny Home Solar System

You may have noticed in the two images above; there are gas bottles. For Tiny Homes, we tend to recommend using gas for hot water and cooking.

Tiny Home Solar Systems Energy Storage:

Batteries are an essential element of an Off-Grid Tiny Home Solar System to provide the homeowner power at night and on those dark stormy days. Our Solar Engineers will specify your battery based on your nighttime power needs and how many days of autonomy you would like. AA Solar tends to recommend four days autonomy as the ideal. Given space is at a premium in Tiny Homes, we often install the batteries and other components in outdoor battery cabinets; or sheds.

About AA Solar

Illustration of 6 Pylontech Batteries within a cabinet

AA Solar has been specifying and installing solar systems nationwide for remote and mobile solar installations for over 30 years; we can provide parts, kitsets and full-service installation. We are a team of solar engineers, we source the most reliable product configured to maximise performance, warranties, and usability. Every Tiny Home Project is a bespoke installation as no two locations, power needs, or roof orientations are the same.

If you want to find out more, contact us or call us at 09 887 9767.