Off-Grid Ground Mounted Two Bedroom Tiny Home

Off-Grid Ground Mounted Two Bedroom Tiny Home

AA Solar installed an off-grid solar system to support a two-bedroom tiny home purchased from Cocoon Tiny Homes.  The tiny home’s roof was 10.6x3m with a 3-degree mono pitch facing north, with a chimney in the middle.  Initially, we were going to install a roof-mounted system; however, after a review of high wind risks, we switched gears and developed a ground-mounted solution, backing onto a shed of added wind protection. 

The ground-mounted system was a great option to generate the power Annette and her teenage daughter needed.

This decision enabled us to install eight 455W solar panels. The shed was also used to house the batteries and inverter, saving the cost of an external cabinet.

AA Solar dug the necessary trenches from the panels to the shed and home, taking care of everything from specification to activation.

“After some initial issues with a bracket/roof install that was booked (due to high wind risk area/safety), Coen, Gagan and the team took very good care of our needs and went the extra mile to organise a generator, so we had power until our new ‘pole mount’ was installed. The system itself is top-notch and runs smoothly and efficiently. Gagan is always available to help with any questions and follow-up – appreciated and reassuring for someone like myself with zero knowledge of solar, and all-around excellent customer service. I would highly recommend AA Solar for its sound advice, excellent system, and willingness to help. We love you Gagan!”  Annette Phillips

What We Installed:

 – 3.640kWp PV output Max, from eight 455W Solar panels

 – 5kW Inverter/Charger, UPower-Hi Series

– 12kWh Battery bank, four Pylontech US2000C

– 11.4kWh Useable energy