Kaipara Off-Grid Ground Mounted System

Grid power was not a viable option for this remote tiny home. Instead, our client opted for a combination of solar power battery storage and generator.  We conducted an in-depth review of our client’s needs and specified a 3.6kW solar system with a 14.2kWh battery bank providing 12.78kWh of usable energy capacity.

The tiny home had a single-level tin roof and a shed to house electrical equipment; the tin roof was not large enough to hold the necessary solar panels, so we designed a ground-mounted system angled to maximise solar production.  We also worked closely with the Tiny Home builders to ensure all prewiring was completed and compliant.

AA Solar provided design, product, and installation and issued the Code of Compliance.

We Installed:

  • 8 x 455W PERC Half Cell Silver Solar Panels
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • 4 x Pylontech US3000C
  • Mounting equipment
  • Protection and cables