Mobile Tradie Power Station

Wildfire Maintenance carries out a wide range of maintenance work, including fencing, decking, plastering, painting, exterior repairs, and washing from Auckland to Wellsford. They were looking for additional power to charge LED strip lights for evening work, three power tool batteries each day, a microwave, a toastie machine, and, on occasion, a coffee machine.

Jaynee designed a bespoke solar system for their work van, incorporating an existing 150W Solar panel they had previously purchased from AA Solar.  Wildfire selected AA Solar because they said we offered the best solution for the company’s needs at a good price.

We Installed:

  • 150W Solar Panel (That we supplied earlier)
  • Solar Charge Controller 30 Amp
  • 12V200AH OPzV Gel
  • LCD Battery Computer Votronic 200A
  • IPT Sinewave Inverter 1500-12 IPT
  • Series Circuit Breaker Surface Mount
  • Votronic Charging Converter VCC1212-30

“AA Solar set me up with a great solution to charge tool batteries and heat my lunch in remote places with no power. Install was simple and hassle-free.”