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Why Solar

Modern solar technology (photovoltaics) is the result of NASA and military research and development projects. The goal was:  Find power sources that are reliable, maintenance free, and with no moving parts or need for refueling. Photovoltaics proved to be the answer, which is why almost all modern satellites are solar powered.

Modern day RVers and Boaties also have a similar desire for independent, reliable and maintenance free power. They also want their power to be clean, quiet, and free of the vibration and pollution associated with petrochemical fired generators/engines. Today’s solar powered systems meet that criteria.

1. Clean, Quiet, & Easy to Use:

  • Solar panels consume no fuel and give off no waste.
  • There are no moving parts, which means no mechanical noise.
  • See your system performing through either your blue tooth app or dedicated monitor.
  • Set and forget with automated safety, battery protections features.
  • Simply place the solar panel in the sun and generate electricity!

2. Solar Power Maximizes Battery Life.
Solar panels generate pure D.C. electricity when exposed to sunlight. This is exactly what your batteries want to perform at their best. The life of the battery can be further prolonged if professionally specified and installed and configured. In fact AA Solar warrant the battery life can be doubled if used in accordance to our recommendations.

3. Camping Freedom
With a properly sized system and the appropriate components, you can forget looking for shore power or running a generator. Go to the lakes, go to the mountains, go to the beaches, go anywhere the sun shines and declare your well earned freedom!

4. Low Maintenance
Since solar panels consume no fuel and have no moving parts to wear out, there are no air, oil, or fuel filters to change. Simply keep the surface of the panels clean.

5. It’s Safe and Reliable
RVs typically operate at 12 volts and less than 30 amps.  As a result, there is very little chance of being electrocuted or starting electrical fires.  If a system is installed using proper wire sizes and fuses, it is inherently safe.

Why US 

AA Solar are the undisputed leaders in the RVs, Caravan, motorhomes, 5 wheelers, boats and yacht, solar market. With 30+ years’ experience, thousands of happy customers, and a friendly can-do attitude.  There isn’t a solar project we cannot do.

We provide a comprehensive full-service offering including:

  • New Installs
  • Health checks
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Electronic fit outs (fans, TVs, satellite dishes)
  • Even solar components for those who wish to install themselves

We operate from two purpose-built workshops in Silverdale Auckland and Ashburton; our highly skilled technicians can carry out an assessment, give advice, do upgrades and of course carry out full installations for your motorhome, caravan, RV or boat.

System Components:

We offer the largest range of system components in New Zealand. Which we will use to customise a solution specifically for you.

  • Solar Panel(s) – Turn sunlight into charging current,
  • Mounts – Hold the panels to the roof,
  • Inverter-Charger – Regulates the flow of electricity to the batteries,
  • Batteries– Stores energy for use at a later day
  • System Monitor (optional) – Keeps track of the system’s performance,
  • System Safety – We install comprehensive safety and protection components including correct wire gauges, circuit breakers, fuses relays to ensure your system is safe and secure.

Indicative Pricing

Small System For Occasional Use
  • To Support:
  • LED Lights
  • Water pump
  • Gas Fridge
  • Phone Charger
  • Radio
  • 12V TV
  • Package Includes
  • Small Solar Panel
  • Installation kit
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Medium System For Light Use
  • To Support
  • LED Lights
  • Water Pump
  • 12V Fridge
  • Phone Charger
  • Radio
  • 12V TV
  • Package Includes
  • Large Solar Panel Installation Kit
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Inverter

Large System Regular Use
  • To Support LED Lights Water Pump
  • 12V Fridge
  • Phone Charger
  • Laptop Charging
  • Radio
  • 12V TV
  • Microwave
  • Package Includes
  • 2x Lge Panels
  • Installation Kit
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • 4x AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Inverter/Charger

*System design can be customised for your individual needs. Costs are indicative only.

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