Embracing Winter Travel

Many of us plan to use our Campervans throughout winter this year. Before setting out, it is crucial to check that your power generation and storage capabilities are suitable for winter motoring with shorter days and inclement weather. It is also a great time to add a few extras to keep you entertained on those long winter nights. 

With more than 30 years of experience supporting year-round travels, we have the product and expertise to help you. Give us a call for a free over the phone consultation on 0800 119 581 with a qualified solar engineer or book in for a complete system health check at our Silverdale Workshop, just north of Auckland.

Favourite Winter Upgrades:

AA Solar 1/2 Cut PERC Solar Panels.

The amount of power you can generate is constrained by the amount of suitable roof space. Every inch counts, as does the quality of your solar panel.  Solar panels have made significant advancements in recent years with the evolution of ½ cut and PERC PV solar panels that maximise solar production even when partially shaded and in low-light conditions. The AA Solar Half Cut Perc Mono Photovoltaic Panels deliver outstanding performance year-round while remaining price competitive.

Battery Monitor.

During the winter months, there is a real risk that your battery does not get fully charged each day, which dramatically impacts its lifespan.  This monitor gives you the heads up you need to either plugin or drive on to the next town!

AA Champion Lithium Batteries.

When thinking about battery storage for winter motoring, we recommend having 3 days of backup power when the sun doesn’t shine.  AA Champion Lithium batteries are a smart option delivering more available power and longer useable life; they are also lightweight, compact, and safe.

Mains Charger.

For added peace of mind, install a mains charge, enabling you to fully charge your battery whenever you have access to mains power.

Popular Winter Extras

Winter is also a time when we spend more time indoors. Therefore it is the perfect time to add some extras the make those long winter nights more comfortable and enjoyable. Such as additional fridge space for your favourite meals or your favourite shows. Camping does not mean missing out.