Craig’s Tiny Home Solar Installation

We Love Craig’s Tiny Home Solar Installation, Craig and his wife were an absolute pleasure to work with, and it is hard to beat this stunning spot. We have been specifying and Installing Off-Grid Residential Solar Systems for over 30 Years, and one of our greatest joys is helping our customers gain energy independence.

The tiny house market continues to flourish across New Zealand. At AA Solar, we are getting more and more enquiries to provide reliable off-grid power solutions for these homes, often located in very remote locations where getting grid power is either expensive or not even viable.

Craig’s home is located in the middle of a 100-acre lot. Craig and his wife wanted to explore the tiny lifestyle without compromising their power for essential household appliances like washing machines and coffee machines.

Wiapu Tiny Home Solar Installation

Craig first approached his tiny builder, who quickly engaged us, and we consulted with the couple to understand what they wanted to achieve in their tiny home. 

Using our “Tiny Home Power Calculator,” we were able to design a system that would meet their needs while we also set some realistic usage expectations and agreed on a budget and design to suit.

Setting these expectations and designing the right solar solution results in a great outcome with no surprises, even when the weather is bad. A well-designed solution based on the location, floor plan, electrical loads, orientation and autonomy (when there is no sun) is carefully considered.

For Craig’s Tiny Home Solar Installation, we Installed 6x 410W PERC Half Cell Solar Panels, UP5000 UPower Inverter/Charger, and 8x12V 200AH Gel Batteries.