Solar Battery Super Sale

Solar Battery Super Sale

AA Solar is breaking the mould with the amazing solar battery super sale. Supply chain disruptions are causing price rises across almost everything you buy today. But thanks to careful forward ordering, we are exceptionally excited to offer some incredible deals on AA Champion Lithium 12V Smart Batteries, plus volume discounts on 2V Tubular Gel Batteries. Both batteries are firm team favourites due to their versatility, compact design and performance. These batteries are suitable for RV’s, Homes, Marine and Industrial Applications.

To ensure you get the battery that is right for you, talk to AA Solar’s highly qualified solar engineers on 09 887 9767.

AA Champion Lithium Smart Battery

Longer Cycle life: This feature helps minimize replacement costs and reduce the overall cost of ownership. 

Lighter Weight: An incredible 60% lighter than a comparable lead-acid battery, with a simple “drop-in” replacement for lead-acid batteries.

Higher Power: Unbelievably, this new battery delivers twice the power of a lead-acid battery.

Superior Safety: Eliminates the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, overcharging, or circuiting.

Increased Flexibility: The modular design enables up to four batteries in a series or parallel.

Bluetooth Monitoring enables the monitoring of each battery via a Smartphone App. 

OPzV 2V Tubular Gel Batteries

OpzV 2 V Tubular Batteries are ideal for off-grid applications including Homes, BTS, Mobile Phone Stations, signalling, lighting or high capacity application areas with unstable and unstable grid or unreliable power supply.

True Gel technology is for any deep cycle application requiring superior performance and longer life.

 The OPzV 2V Tubular Gel Batteries make replacing single cells over time possible rather than replacing a whole battery bank. 2V cells are designed to get maximum capacity within limited spaces. They can be laid on their sides and are stackable. 

NB: You MUST have a GEL charger and GEL rated charging systems for these batteries. (OR AGM equivalent)

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