Votronic EBL Cable Set


The ready-made cable set is designed for connection of the Votronic Solar Controllers of the SR series Duo Digital and MPP Series Duo Digital to an existing electroblock (EBL) with connected control and display panel.

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The Votronic EBL Cable Set is a ready-made cable set designed for connection of the Votronic Solar Controllers of MPP and SR series of MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to an existing electroblock (EBL) with connected control and display panel.

The Votronic Solar Controller will supply a suitable “solar current” measuring signal to the terminal “EBL”.

The Votronic EBL Cable Set comprises:
1. Connection cable X for charging of the board battery by the solar controller.
2. Connection cable Y for the signal solar charging current board battery by the solar controller to the EBL.





About Votronic:

For 30 years Votronic have engaged in the development and manufacturing of electronic devices for mobile applications. More than a quarter century of experience “Made in Germany” and the knowledge gained through close collaboration with different communities, they work continuously to further develop their products. 30 years in a fast moving electronic world, really is an eternity! Only truly innovative and high quality product lines are able to compete successfully in the market for so long. The long-term customer satisfaction and the proven durability of our products are real characteristics for our excellent quality and reliability.

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We stock a wide range of products including the latest batteries, inverters, solar panels, solar controllers, monitors, fuses, cables including Votronic Battery Monitor 5m Cable .

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Additional information

Weight 0.127 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 2.5 cm



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